New art

Is summer here?

It’s hard to believe but some blue sky is making its way to Charleston today. Maybe the cold Northwest wind is gone for a bit and has taken the fog with it. 

The long rainy winter had one benefit: It gave me time to complete some artworks.

Most of my art is small,  with the original pieces measuring smaller than 11″x14″. Although some friends have urged me to try bigger pieces — and yes, I even bought paper and boards to do just that — bigger pieces take time. And the time outside of my regular job is limited. 

The benefit: A bigger display piece, opportunity for greater detail, more eye-catching.

The drawbacks: Longer time to finish and the potential of not finishing it at all because I lose interest in the subject matter half way through.

It’s a conundrum. For my style and my time, I think I’ll stick to the smaller pieces but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Here’s an 9×12 octopus I finished this morning that will be framed and ready for display in a week or so. Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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