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Coos Head Food Co-op, North Bend, OR

Saturday morning was nice, so I loaded the dogs, took them to the beach, grabbed a coffee, then headed out for some sketching time. Decided to try some downtown sketching and picked the Coos Head Food Co-op and nearby buildings in North Bend, Ore. Granted, the perspective is a little off and so are the lines — but hey, it’s a sketch. Just something for fun and to keep me in practice.
The Coos Head Food store served a dual purpose: As my dad said, I was able to work in a still life of fruits and vegetables as well. He had a point. I cannot stand to do still lifes of fruits, veggies, table settings, etc. To me they are simply boring, but that’s just my personal preference. Other artists excel at them and I do enjoy still lifes done by other artists and photographers. But for me — eh, no.
Now flowers are different. Seriously. I like to paint flowers and tons of tutorials are on YouTube that deal with the intricacies of painting flowers. I like them simply because they are bright and happy and colorful. There is a lot of competition when it comes to painting flowers and I don’t know that I’ll ever meet those challenges simply because I like fish. Fish and flowers don’t really mix.
Hmmmm…. I guess they could … seaweeds and other vegetation in the ocean could be considered flowers, I guess. i will have to contemplate that more as I continue to grow as an artist. Maybe that is a challenge I can live up to.
Any thoughts from my readers? Would you like to see more vegetation with fish in my paintings and sketches?


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