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Perfect weather – and trying something new

Haven’t had much time lately to pursue actual artwork. And that’s OK — have to keep the day job so I can keep the supplies stocked.

But I did want to try something new, just to stretch the brain cells. Been following some urban sketchers on the Internet. I have a ton of sketchbooks, some of which I made, and the pens, pencils and paint with which to sketch. And, I got this really cool Sahara chair from Jerry’s Artarama that has four pockets built in, is collapsible and has a carrying strap. A must have for any artist on the go!

Today was the day. Work up my courage to brave any passers-by who might stop to visit and take a look at my sketches, take the dogs to the beach early so they’ll be tired and remain quiet in the car. The weather forecast was for sunny weather and highs in the 60s, low 70s, possible wind in the afternoon (yeah, it’s that time of year at the Oregon Coast).

The dogs and I hit the beach, then I settled on the sidewalk at the Charleston Boat Basin, looking south. Nobody bothered me. One kind couple stopped to visit and it was truly a pleasure to say hello and share some of my artwork. Was my sketch professional? Hardly. Was it earth-shattering? Not nearly. But was it done quickly and roughly the view of what I saw? Close  enough for me.

After all, the real gain from art — for me, at least — the joy and peace I get from making it. I also enjoy seeing what other artists produce, as we all should. Who hasn’t proudly hung a picture their kids or grandkids or nieces or nephews made on the refrigerator door? Those are perfect examples of the way we should all view life: free, individual and beautiful to our own ways of thinking.

So here are my first attempts at loose sketching with pens and watercolor — as opposed to the tight, specific painting I try to do at home. The first I did while sitting through an Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission (ODCC) budget hearing last month. The crab is sitting on a pile of money, as if challenging any fisherman to come get it. The crab industry in Oregon routinely contributes more than $50 million to the Oregon economy.

The second is today’s outing, showing one fishing vessel unloading and another sunken vessel still tied to the dock at another processor on the opposite side of the bay.

My sketch of a Dungeness crab resting atop a pile of money, sketched in pen and watercolor while attending an Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission (ODCC) budget hearing in May.


Charleston sketch
Charleston, Ore., sketch, June 4, 2016.

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