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Something’s Fishy!

Christmas cards for sale just in time for the holidays at Bayside Coffee

As Bayside Coffee posted on its Facebook page, only 18 shopping days remain until Christmas!

An easy way to send your loved ones some fishy Christmas love is with fish- and shellfish-themed Christmas cards, for sale exclusively at Bayside Coffee in Charleston, Ore. It’s in Oyster Cove Mall, near the Wild Women of Charleston store and just down from Miller’s at the Cove.

And just for kicks, we threw in a couple bird-themed cards, too. Both black-capped chickadees and chestnut-backed chickadees are familiar sights at coastal Oregon trees and bird feeders, so we included our feathered friends in the designs.

Cards are $4 apiece or four for $15. Check them out and enjoy some great fair-trade, locally roasted coffee from Doug and Twila Veysey at Bayside Coffee.

If you’re outside the area, we can ship some to you. Just fill out the contact form below and we will contact you by email.

Wishing you and your family the very best of holidays!

Christmas clam
Christmas cod
Best fishes
Christmas chickadee
Dreaming of a whiting Christmas.
Dungeness crab
Don’t be crabby, it’s Christmas
chestnut-backed chickadee
Happy holidays chestnut-backed chickadee


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